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Goals of palliative care

Everyone who is admitted to palliative care identifies their own goals, and we will assist you with those goals. Some common goals that we see include pain management, getting help with daily care needs such as bathing, or helping you to continue to do meaningful things such as visiting with friends or going outside.

When you arrive

Your team will complete assessments to get to know you and understand your needs. You are not required to meet with anyone for any specified length of time. It is up to you how you wish to spend your time and we will follow your lead.

Communicating with your team

Two-way communication is very important. We ask that you let us know about changes in your symptoms or concerns you may have, so that we can support you. Your primary contact person will be your nurse, but you may speak to anyone on the care team. We work very closely together and will make sure that your concern gets directed to the appropriate person.

To make sure we are all working towards the same goal, we often organize a family meeting soon after you arrive. This includes you and anyone important to you. During a family meeting your care needs will be reviewed and you can provide your feedback to us. You can request updates at any time.

What to expect at end of life

Some of the changes you may experience include weakness, more time sleeping, less appetite over time, breathing changes and sometimes, confusion. Our focus is on your experience being as comfortable as possible.

If your condition changes, we inform your family caregivers (with permission) so they are aware.

Programs and amenities at Hennick Bridgepoint

For more information on recreation programs, spiritual care or reflection rooms, room types, outdoor spaces, parking, food, and services like bank machines, library or our hair salon, please see our Hennick Bridgepoint Hospital's Welcome Guide.

Virtual Tour

Learn more about palliative care at Hennick Bridgepoint and what to expect during a stay on the unit with this virtual tour.