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Complex Care is a specialty service for patients whose condition requires hospital-level care including the care provided by health care professionals such as nurses, physicians and therapists.

Hennick Bridgepoint’s Neurological Care Program provides specialized complex care for patients who have moderate to severe impairment in their mobility, cognitive function and/or communication due to brain injuries or neurological disorders such as Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, or cerebral palsy. This unit also provides medical complex care and palliative care.

Our aim is to help you adapt to new changes as a result of your illness or diagnosis, focus on quality of life and help you transition to the most appropriate setting, as applicable. 

When you arrive

You will meet various members of the care team soon after you arrive to get to know you and establish your plan of care with you and your care partner(s).

Learn about the health care professionals on your care team.

Get to know the amenities and services at Hennick Bridgepoint.

Partners in care

Patients and family caregivers, alongside the health care team, will work together to identify and set goals and develop a plan of care. The emphasis is on medical stabilization, optimizing health, maintaining function and risk reduction. Each patient’s length of stay will vary based on individual needs.

A family meeting will be set up for a complete review of your care plan. In a family meeting, you and your care partner(s) meet with your health care team and have an opportunity to discuss your progress, your goals and the plan for when you are ready to leave the hospital. You can also request a family meeting with your health care team at any time.

Getting ready to leave the hospital

As part of your care plan, your health care team will discuss the level of care you need. Some patients may continue to need the level of care provided in the hospital. Other patients may have care needs that can be supported in another setting such as at home or in a retirement home, subsidized housing, supportive housing, group homes or long-term care. Our goal is to work with you and your care partner(s) to determine the most appropriate location for your care and, where applicable, assist in that transition.

When creating your plan for leaving the hospital, you, your care partner and your health care team will talk about:

  • When you’ll be ready to leave the hospital
  • Different living options to meet the care needs you have and what supports are available to maximize your quality of life and well-being
  • Connecting with your family doctor and other service providers to transfer your care after you leave the hospital

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