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Help us change the world!

“Thank you for your interest in the volunteer program at Hennick Bridgepoint Hospital!”

Volunteers are valued members of the Hennick Bridgepoint team. Volunteer participation is key to achieving our vision and mission to make patient lives better. 

Volunteers in action

Volunteer Benefits

As a volunteer at Hennick Bridgepoint you will:

  • Have high patient interaction while enhancing the patient and family experience
  • Help maintain and improve patients’ cognitive and physical functioning, to reduce the risk of functional decline
  • Improve our patients' quality of life by helping them to participate in activities and events
  • Become a pillar of support to patient, families and staff

We will provide you with:

  • A volunteer lounge
  • Virtual or in-person workshops and educational events
  • Invitations to virtual or in-person festive events
  • Free underground parking during your shift
  • Celebratory Appreciation events


Contact Us

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Hennick Bridgepoint Hospital
1 Bridgepoint Drive
Toronto, ON, Canada
M4M 2B5

T. 416-461-8252, ext. 2076
F. 416-461-5696
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