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Within Hennick Bridgepoint Hospital, there are a wide variety of volunteer roles:

Welcome Services

Our welcome team assists patients, family, friends, visitors, and staff find what they are looking for and get them to where they need to be.

In-Patient Support

We offer a variety of in-patient support from, Maximizing Aging Using Volunteer Engagement (MAUVE) program, mealtime assistance, friendly visiting, therapeutic recreation (ex. Bingo), palliative care, musical visitors, and more.

Day Treatment Support

From fitness to aquatic therapy, our day treatment volunteers provide indirect support by setting up necessary equipment for each patient, encouraging patients, and more.


Volunteers assists all visitors in the use of collections and services, library computers, processing and maintaining collections, and other duties.

Spiritual Care

From friendly visits to Sunday mass, our volunteers are very active in supporting staff and patients. For example, they might transport patients to and from their rooms to attend a religious service.

Other availabilities are rotational

Volunteers are placed based on hospital needs, suitability, availability, and interest.

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