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Your donation is eligible for charitable tax credits

Hennick Bridgepoint Foundation is a registered Canadian charity. Our Charitable Number is #88923 4399 RR0001. When you make a donation, you'll receive a charitable tax receipt for your donation, which you can use to claim tax credits that may reduce the amount of income tax you need to pay.

The federal tax credit for charitable donations is:

  • 15% for the first $200 donated
  • 29% for donation amounts above $200

There are also additional provincial tax credits for charitable donations.

Is this your first charitable donation since 2007?

You're eligible for the First-Time Donor's Super Credit if you haven't donated to a registered charity since 2007.

With the First-Time Donor's Super Credit, you'll get a 25% tax credit on a first-time charitable donation (up to $1,000) on top of the standard charitable donation tax credits. This means first-time donors can claim a 40% federal credit for the first $200 they donate, and 54% on for amounts between $200 and $1,000.