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Your generosity can provide substantial tax benefits

Publicly traded stock and securities are exempt from capital gains tax when you donate your shares to Hennick Bridgepoint. You'll also receive a charitable tax receipt, which can reduce the income tax you pay.

Consult a qualified financial advisor to determine how to make a donation that balances your finances with your charitable goals.

How to donate stock and securities:

  1. Fill out the Securities Transfer Form (PDF)

    You'll need this information:

    • Your name, address and signature
    • Your broker's name, FIN number, telephone and email
    • Your account number and account name
    • The name of the security being donated
    • The number of shares and the CUSIP#
    • The date of the transfer
  2. Send the Securities Transfer Form to your broker to initiate the transfer of shares. Keep a copy for your records too.
  3. Have your broker notify Hennick Bridgepoint Foundation that the shares are being transferred, and contact us with the completed Securities Transfer Form.

Your receipt will be valued on the closing price on the date when the shares are legally transferred to the Foundation's account at our custodial agent, BMO Trust Company, and accepted by the Foundation. Shares are considered legally transferred only when delivery is confirmed by our custodial agent.

It is our practice to sell all donated securities as soon as they have been received.