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Broadview Ave. construction impacting travel to Hennick Bridgepoint Hospital

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Last updated: August 29, 2023 | This webpage is regularly updated

Due to an ongoing construction project on Broadview Avenue, travel to Hennick Bridgepoint Hospital may be impacted. The City of Toronto and the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) are collaborating to replace sewer lines and aging streetcar tracks along Broadview Avenue. The project is scheduled to take place from June 18 until November 2023.

Hennick Bridgepoint Hospital entrances will remain open and accessible. Please plan your routes in advance and give yourself extra time to travel.

Overview of Impact 

Transportation MethodImpact and suggested routes



  • Only one northbound lane will be open from Gerrard Street East to Danforth Avenue. There will be no southbound traffic lanes. 
  • Vehicles will not be able to turn left onto Jack Layton Way or Bridgepoint Drive when travelling northbound on Broadview Avenue.
  • There will be no on-street parking along Broadview Avenue between Danforth Avenue and Gerrard Street East.

Recommended route

  • Access the parking garage, 430 Broadview Avenue and the loading dock from Gerrard Street East and St. Matthews Road.



Update: 506 Carlton streetcars resume regular routing as of September 3, 2023. As a result, the 506C Carlton replacement bus will be removed from service following September 2, 2023.
  • There will be no buses or streetcars operating on Broadview Avenue between Broadview Station and Gerrard Street East.
  • Broadview Station will remain open and the subway will continue to stop at the station. There will be no connecting buses or streetcars that travel down Broadview Avenue. 

Recommended routes

If you are travelling west:

  • Pape Station: Board the 72A Pape bus southbound from the station and get off at Gerrard Street East. Transfer to 506 westbound streetcar and exit at Broadview Avenue.

If you are travelling east: 

  • Sherbourne Station: Board the 75 Sherbourne bus from the station. Transfer to an eastbound 506 Carlton streetcar at Sherbourne and Gerrard. Get off at Gerrard Street East and Blackburn Street.
  • Castle Frank Station: Board a 65 Parliament bus from the station and get off at Gerrard and Parliament. Transfer to an eastbound 506 Carlton streetcar towards Main Street Station. Get off at Gerrard Street East and Blackburn Street.
  • Queens Park or College stations: Board 506 Carlton streetcar and get off at Gerrard Street East and Blackburn Street, or Gerrard Street East and Broadview Avenue

If you are from downtown:

  • Board an eastbound 501B Queen bus from Osgoode Station and exit at Gerrard Street East, west of Broadview Avenue.
  • 121 River-Esplanade buses are operating near the hospital, stopping on Gerrard Street East at St. Matthews Road.

Sunday morning service: 506 Carlton streetcar, 75 Sherbourne, 72A Pape and 501B Queen bus routes.

For additional information, including route planning, maps and updates on public transportation routes and changes, please visit ttc.ca.


  • Access to Wheel-Trans service will be maintained at all times on open routes.
  • You can book your Wheel-Trans service online or apply for service by calling Wheel-Trans Customer Service at 416-393-4111.


  • Pedestrian access along Broadview Avenue will be maintained at all times.


Find more details on service impacts at Broadview Station and along Broadview Avenue starting June 18, 2023.

Learn more about the Broadview Construction project.