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We're looking at the issue from three distinct perspectives, which will inform big-picture system-wide change:


How do patients currently experience the healthcare system? What do we need to change to improve that experience, so that it's focused on individual patients - not individual diagnoses, diseases or providers? And how do we do it sustainably?


How do care teams interact and collaborate - doctors, nurses, therapists, pharmacists, community care, families, volunteers and the patients themselves? How can we better coordinate care across the system - from classrooms, to care facilities, to communities - to focus on common outcomes?

Physical environment

How are buildings, communities and mobility devices designed to support restorative care and improve health outcomes? What works? What doesn't? And what needs to change?

When you put all of this research together, it lays the foundation for solutions that improve the lives of people living with complex health conditions. And it makes our entire healthcare system more sustainable.