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We provide primary care to 5500 patients from the Riverdale community and across the GTA. Our team uses an innovative service model that includes you, the patient, as a full partner in your care. We bring family physicians together with inter-disciplinary health care professionals - including a nurse practitioner, registered nurses, a social worker, and diabetes nurse/dietitian educators - who work as a team to provide you with the best patient care possible.

*  We are not accepting new patients at this time * 

Our vision

To Be A Strong and Credible Voice for Patient and Family-Centrered Primary Care in East Toronto.

Our mission

The Bridgepoint Family Health Team:

  • Partners with our clients to achieve health goals;
  • Creates, incorporates and disseminates evidence-informed practice and information technology; and
  • Collaborates with our community to build health care partnerships.

Our values

We work together to achieve a common goal while maximizing individual strengths.

We are open and responsive to creating and learning from new ideas and ways of doing things.

We are authentic, honest, accountable, and trustworthy.

We are kind, treat everyone well, and show that we care.