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The Multimorbidity and Stroke Rehabilitation Think Tank will create lines of communication and collaboration between researchers and health care providers. The research agenda produced by this project will reflect the issues of greatest importance to stroke rehabilitation clinicians dealing with multimorbidity. 

The presence of multiple chronic health conditions in one person at the same time is referred to as "multimorbidity". Multimorbidity is a major challenge to stroke rehabilitation health care providers. Most people, who have had a stroke, also have several other ongoing health conditions and the current research does not adequately support clinical care. The overarching goal of our research is to ensure that stroke patients with multimorbidity receive the best rehabilitative care.  In order to do this, researchers must work with health care providers to determine what evidence is needed.

We will survey people with expert knowledge in stroke rehabilitation (stakeholders) about their information needs, and hold a 'Think Tank' meeting of researchers focused on stroke and/or multimorbidity to develop a research strategy. This meeting would be held in spring 2015 at Hennick Bridgepoint.

The results of this planning project as a whole will be of benefit to researchers, funding organizations, clinicians, and ultimately, patients. This innovative and timely project addresses an identified research gap in health services and policy research - multimorbidity.  Although the project focuses on stroke rehabilitation, the project approach and findings will be relevant to all areas of health care that work with patients with multimorbidity (geriatrics, primary health care, cancer care, diabetes).

Researcher: Michelle Nelson

Funders: Canadian Institutes for Health Research