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Music is increasingly being used and accepted in healthcare to intentionally improve wellness. Music is an accepted psychosocial intervention increasing many aspects of quality of life. However, there is a lack of standardization as to how music may be integrated into personal care goals and the physical care setting to produce the best quality of care. Without a care model that will inform musical interventions and solutions for the use of music in complex care, and specifically the unique design and structures at Hennick Bridgepoint, the benefits of using music to enhance quality of life may be underdeveloped.

This study is collaboration between the Collaboratory, the Music and Health Research Collaboratory at the University of Toronto and Room 217 Foundation.

The overarching purpose of this study is to explore how music can be optimized in complex care environments, supporting improved quality of life and outcomes for patients with multiple chronic conditions.  Our specific questions include:

  1. What evidence regarding music care models, components, impact of music on quality of care and world class exemplars in complex continuing care settings is currently available?
  2. Within a purpose built environment for complex care (Hennick Bridgepoint), what physical spaces are available for 'music care'? 
  3. How is music currently being used in complex care at Hennick Bridgepoint? What are the perspectives of patients, families, visitors and staff regarding the potential uses of music in complex rehabilitation and care?

This project uses Hennick Bridgepoint Hospital as a test site to develop the concept and framework of Music Care related to music optimization and people with multiple chronic conditions needing complex care. It will support a music optimization plan for specifically designed complex care environments such as Hennick Bridgepoint.  We anticipate the study will also foster the advancement of research related to the use of music in complex rehabilitation and care.

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Researcher: Michelle Nelson

Funders:  Bridgepoint Foundation