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New Directions in Design and HealthPatient Room

Design and Health studies the relationship between different types of design and the health of patients. At this time, under the leadership of Dr. Carolyn Steele Gray, research is focused on studying the design, development and implementation of information communication technologies used in health systems, also referred to as eHealth technologies, used to improve the experience and well-being of persons with complex care needs. Dr. Steele Gray is the recent recipient of a CIHR eHealth Innovation Partnership Project Operating Grant to evaluate a new eHealth portal and mobile application designed with patients, caregivers and providers in order to improve the quality of life for community-dwelling patients with complex care needs.

Previous studies in Design and Health, led by Dr. Celeste Alvaro and funded by the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care and CIHR, examined the relationship of the design of the new Hennick Bridgepoint Hospital to the health of our patients and how it can help or hamper the health and recovery of our patients. It resulted in two major reports:

Design and Evaluation: The Path to Better Outcomes

Architectural Comparative Analysis Report

Other projects within the Design and Health stream examined ways to reduce barriers to mobility, and improving the safety of mobility devices.